Personal Virtual Learning

Each student walks his or her own unique path to adulthood. A quality education must reflect this truth. There is no substitute for one-on-one, inquiry-based learning for a truly student-centered education.

STEM Education by Science PhDs

Students who learn science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) at very high levels will be the makers, creators, and innovators of tomorrow. In our virtual school, each student has a science PhD mentor who guides them through exciting project-based learning.

Support for Gifted Learners

Gifted students can be prone to obsess over particular interests or hobbies. Some people call this “distraction.” We call it “potential.” Our virtual learning program channels a child’s particular, narrow interests into a broad, project-based education.

Flexible School Days

You travel frequently. Or your family has other major time commitments. Experience an online educational program that works hard to fit into your hopes, your plans, and your dreams of a life well lived…not demand conformity to a standard schedule.

Online Private School. 6th to 12th Grade.

Experience a self-directed, project-based curriculum that is designed just for your child, with his or her unique interests and learning needs in mind. Enjoy intensive personal attention from PhD educators who coach your child toward the highest levels of learning in all core subject areas. Learn what virtual high school and virtual junior high school can look like when real education, not profit, is put first

Program Overview

The best of self-directed learning, plus expert guidance and support. 

The Carmel Institute virtual education program cultivates creativity, capability, and a service ethic in junior high and high school students, using mentor-led project-based teaching. Students receive support up to and through the most advanced levels in STEM, social sciences, and humanities.


Students connect with their mentors as often as they need.

Project Focused

Student projects incorporate multiple subjects and skills.

Student Centered

Student enthusiasm is a key driver of project direction.


Students can collaborate on projects and exchange feeback with true peers.

PhD Educators

Students are taught and mentored by educators with exceptional training.

Inquiry Based

Student learning is organized around dialogue and questioning. 

Family Friendly

Student beliefs, culture, and values are crucial for solo project design.

Service Learning

Students launch projects that contribute to real communities. 

Homeschool Students

We challenge your child with rigorous, service-focused, project-based learning . . . while you keep the features you enjoy about the homeschooling experience.   Learn More

Gifted & Twice Exceptional

Gifted and 2E kids are often insufficiently challenged and supported by traditional school. They require mentorship at the highest level. That’s precisely what we do.   Learn More

Students in School

Is your student failing to thrive? Though we do not have a brick-and-mortar location, our project-based approach can inspire learning better than any standard school.  Learn More